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Yoga for 12 step recovery

Yoga for recovery

Stiff body? Racing  mind? Shallow breath? Peace of mind but a dream? Or just want a gentle hour to connect with yourself? This class could be for you.

This class is aimed primarily at those in recovery from addiction/s.  I am 31 years in recovery myself and have found yoga, breathwork, meditation and relaxation to be invaluable.  They are not for everyone but I am making them available at little or no cost to anyone who wishes to try them. 

Suggested donations: £10 waged and £5 unwaged
Completely free if you have no cash!

Wear comfortable clothing - Mats etc provided

Wednesday class: is at Evolve Wellness Centre in South Kensington, next to the best vintage car garage in London so you can dream of which Aston you would like to buy too.

Yoga for Recovery
3pm Wednesdays
Evolve Wellness Centre
10 Kendrick Mews
South Kensington


£10 waged, £5 unwaged but free if you temporarily have no cash.